This was one of my larger pieces of work, and took nearly a year to complete. As the only person working on the project, I had to learn every aspect of game design, from programming mechanics, to designing levels, to creating the art. I am especially proud of Vex, because I completed the project at age 17. Vex is a manifestation of the best of my ability both in software development, and creative design.

Vex is a retro, re-imagining of the classic arcade adventure genre, and strikes the balance between simplicity and intricacy. Vex is a casual yet challenging game, reminiscent of the early days of video games, but with a more modern feel.

You are tasked with navigating through the dynamically difficult levels. Each level is logic based, sometimes requiring a complex plan, but often testing your reactions, timing, dexterity and agility. From lava traps and firearm turrets, to teleporters and speed boosters, Vex is a 3D arcade-style platform game that Steam is missing, beautifully crafted using a modern game engine. This game isn't for those who only know how to battle hard, but for those who can also think logically in demanding situations. A simple cube though you are, your tactics should be anything but simple.

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