About Me

A focused Computer Science student at the University of Exeter specialising in mobile app development. Having met strict deadlines whilst balancing a commited social life, I'm currently on track for a 1st class Master's degree.

I'm an active Humanist, which informs my approach to all aspects of my life. This includes the fostering of a mature and inclusive software development environment.

I'm also a keen photographer, gamer and space enthusiast.

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I've worked on numerous projects, both in a full-stack role and as part of a team. From mobile apps to video games to bespoke enterprise software, I have a wide range of skills in many aspects of software development.

My main area of interest is developing Android apps. I'm familiar with Java, Kotlin and Flutter, driven by Firebase and the Google Cloud Platform. I've brought multiple apps to life for various companies, which are detailed more on my Projects Page.